Weekly Bulletin for December 2020 and Christmas

Slava Isusu Khrystu! Slava Naveeky!

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glorify Him Forever!


Sanctuary Candle:  God Bless Our Parishioners

Saturday December 5th 4:00 PM Health & God’s Blessings on Mike Peklak and Family
Sunday December 6th 11:30 AM Feast of St. Nicholas

+Stephanie Hasyn (Hasyn Family)

Sanctuary Candle:  God Bless Our Parishioners

Saturday December 12th 6:30 PM God Bless Our Parishioners
Sunday December 13th 11:30 AM God Bless Our Parishioners

Sanctuary Candle:  God Bless Our Parishioners

Saturday December 19th 4:00 PM William Staub (Michael and Barbara Rokosz)
Sunday December 20th 11:30 AM +Daniel Kish (Margaret Klos)

Sanctuary Candle: God Bless Our Parishioners

Thursday December 24th 7:00 PM Christmas Eve

Vigil of Christmas and Divine Liturgy

Friday December 25th 11:30 AM Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Christmas Divine Liturgy

Saturday December 26th 11:30 AM Synaxis of the Theotokos Divine Liturgy

Health & God’s Blessings on our Sick Parishioners

Sunday December 27th 11:30 AM St. Stephen Protomartyr Divine Liturgy

Heath & God’s Blessings on Jason and Christine Pandolfo and family


Confessions are available ½ hour before Divine Liturgy.

Please notify Father Vasil if you want to confess.




Everyone must abide by the following rules which are established to keep you and your fellow parishioners safe!

  • Wear a mask at ALL times.
  • Maintain Social Distancing – 6 feet in front, back, sides from others.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO shaking hands, hugging, kissing icons or crosses.
  • Communion will be given by Father as he wears a mask and will use individual plastic spoons for each parishioner. The spoons will be discarded after Liturgy.
  • Please bring your own personal hand sanitizer to use after any surface contact.  Doors will be sanitized before Liturgies.


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