Traditional Greetings

For most of the year the greeting is “Slava Isusu Khrystos” (“Glory to Jesus Christ”). The response is “Slava Na viky” (“Glory forever”)


Starting on Christmas Day, it is traditional to say “Khrystos Rozhdayet’sya” (“Christ is born”) and to respond “Slavite Yoho” (“Glorify Him”). This greeting is continued for 40 days, until February 2.


At Easter one says “Khrystos Voskres” (“Christ is risen!”) and responds “Voistynu Voskres” (“He is truly risen”). This is used until the Feast of Ascension which is 40 days after Easter.


To celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and guests it is traditional to sing “Mno-ha-ya lita” (“Many happy years”)


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