Your Donations are ON THE WAY!

Dear Family and Friends of Presentation of Our Lord,

You are all family now….I can not thank each of you enough for all the work done over the last month!
Sunday, April 10th, we finished the job for now with 30 strong volunteers!  We loaded 1804 boxes and 93 mobility devices on 2 tractor trailers in 2 hours!  It was impressive indeed!  We can now see the floors and walls of our hall again!  Thank you for your awesome teamwork!!
The trucks then headed to St. Anne’s to take part of their load to fill up the trucks.  More trucks are needed there, but progress for sure!  I also received a video of unloading the trucks at a Morris Plains NJ warehouse, where our donations will be palletized and prepped for shipment very soon to where the need is great!!
As a final follow up for our Ukrainian Aid Collection, I would like to thank the following organizations for assisting us in the shipment of our donations.  Volunteers came to our rescue to organize the pick up and shipment of our 1804 boxes and 93 mobility devices!
  • PLAST – National Scout Organization of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (of which the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee is a part)
  • The Ukrainian Cultural Center of New Jersey
Pray for Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!! Many blessings to you all!

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